First of all: what is this? This is our first gear made on request. I mean, "made" is "designed" and "posted" for sale.

Second: we have sale. We drop all prices for about 10% average storewide. Now you don't have any excuses for not getting this totally exclusive stuff. Especially all you guys from Netherlands who recently have started visiting this page more often than myself.

Special THANKS! to all who contributed the brainpower to these two brand-new signs. More weird stuff to come! Send me your ideas!

There are two basic ways to do BITCHALKING™: get some spraypaint or a chalk and mark your ex's driveway or any other area around the place of her living with an appropriate mark OR get her a gift from our gear store. Send it to her like a period in that seemingly endless conversation that usually starts with "listen... we have to talk" words.

Although a primary purpose of BITCHALKING™ is dealing with bitches, you still can award your present or ex-girlfriend with the t-shirt that will feature her personal qualities, such as NICE ASS or NOT A VIRGIN, for example. Such sweet gesture may serve as "goodbye" message or just a gift for anniversary of her losing virginity.

This one was invented by Tom Leykis and describes something we all know one way or another. This sign is perfect when you don't know what to buy for her Birthday, if she has one. It's kind of like a sign on the electric poll: "DON'T TOUCH! DANGEROUS!" or something.
As Quazzo layed it nicely: "Kind of like a virgin, but really a slut who refuses or is too fucked up in the head to give it up". Well, what else can I say?
These days it's pretty rare to find a virgin, whatever it means, so use this mark cautiously, only after you got hard proof. Even better, use it in conjunction with the NON VIGINS and ORAL AVAILABLE marks! Also perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.
Everything happens for the fist time once. This one to: just yesterday you bought for her our VIRGIN-marked thongs and next thing you know - she's screwing around your friends.
It is not that unusual to see VIRGIN and O.A. marks together. It's trendy. It's graphical. And you always can trick your parents by saying "this is just new Urban Outfitters™ collection."
OK, "no" means "NO", so respect it. This mark also can be interpreted as "I'm not saying that I'm O.A."
Same gravity-beating mark as NICE ASS (see below). Although, everyone has his own standards for the term “nice breasts”, we know what bad breasts are. Fair enough. This is straightforward, no-nonsense mark.
There is a thin borderline between "nice ass" and "scary-ass ass" - use your chance to differentiate between two. Mark it as your territory before gravity does, if only you know what gravity is.
Never do a married woman and use this mark in order to stop others from doing it/her. Try to imagine yourself as her husband whose wife, for whatever reason, is cheating on him with some dude with hands smeared with chalk and spray-paint after marking his freshly rebuilt driveway.
Perfect gift and mark for those who already marked with MARRIED and/or with THREESOME READY.
This mark can be used either with positive or negative meaning, it's up to you. Best usage in conjunction with VIRGIN and ORAL NOT AVAILABLE (holly-huge discount for such package). Amen.
According to Tom Leykis (FM 97.1, 3pm-8pm in Los Angeles), this category is the worst to deal with, starting from “unplanned” pregnancy all the way to dealing with the kid who has been made by some other clown. Although it’s up to you how to interpret this one, you can always vary numbers inside the mark between 1 and 3.
Most popular mark these days. Depicts MJ's leaves and can be used as positive or negative mark, according with your own preferences. Also, may be used if you want to present yourself as some kind of karate kid lost in 80’s or something – there is something definitely Japanese in this sign. Using this mark left and right you may find a) troubles and b) friends for some forbidden activities.
Experiments are only good in one case: when you do them in chemistry class. She also should wear Catholic schoolgirl uniform, and… Just kidding. This is pretty mischievous mark because it can pretty much ruin somebody’s life.
Actually, all previous marks can be easily substituted with this one. Here is the only pure reason to mark somebody’s property – golddigging activities. Unfortunately, these days we wouldn’t find enough paint in whole world for this honorable task. You may try though.

Although you can use an ordinery chalk, you may opt for any available spray paint. In order to make it possible I got pre-made stencils available for download. They have been optimized for carrying in CD-holder, so you can print them out as many as you want, cut out the outlined part of the stencil and stash in to your CD-holder for all possible occasions.

However, there are just a few rules that you can dismiss in case of absence of the appropriate supplies. I'm talking about the Color Code. While there are endless possibilities for experiments with different colors, the only stable color combination everybody knows is red-yellow-green. So, lets use this unified pattern. Use RED for warning-type marks, such as GOLD DIGGER or MARRIED. Use YELLOW for neutral or contraversial type of marks like RELIGIOUS or THREESOME AVAILABLE. And go ahead and spray all around with GREEN if you want to share some valuable information, such as NICE BUTT or ORAL AVAILABLE.

I know, it's not that easy to keep track of all possible marks (thinking of all possible ideas you may share with me via special message form placed above). Specially for such occasion I prepared a credit-card sized card, that reflects the basic set of marks with associated colors. Print it, cut out and put in your wallet so you can deciphyr any BITCHALKING™s you see. Download this card [PDF (1.9Mb), PSD in ZIP (690Kb)]

Now, since you got in all troubles reading stuff above, you may also be interested in buying some quality gear with BITCHALKING™ branding. Each and every mark is presented in all possible variations - full size front with title on the back, full size front, tiny logo on the left side of the chest with title on the back. You can find more about materials, inks and delivery options in GEAR section.

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spit it out!

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